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15.2 QHx mare. Gorgeous, personable and athletic.  Blaze was predominantly a backyard trail horse until the age of 11, when I began to focus on dressage and jumping with her. Blaze was unfortunately stricken by a couple of health issues and I almost lost her. But, luckily, she pulled through and after 2 1/2 years of basically being a pasture pet, she literally jumped back into the game! An absolute sweetheart, Blaze is willing, smart and quickly becomes a favourite of everyone. Blaze's easygoing nature and steady gaits have helped many complete beginners get their start in riding and she is a fantastic confidence booster.  Blaze is turning 25 soon but is as happy as ever and is a great partner for someone wanting to learn lower level dressage and jumping



16.1 TB gelding.  This handsome fella was my main horse before I decided to focus on Blaze.  He is all TB in that when he has a consistent job to do, he excels.At the age of 28, his sensitive TB nature is finally relaxing and he is proving to be a fantastic schoolmaster for advanced beginners and up for dressage and jumping. He'd love to get back out on the xctry course too! He's not always the most relaxing trail horse in that he can be jiggy on the way home but if you can put up with that, he's good on the actual trails. This is a photo from summer 2012 and Viejo definitely has his fans now. He took one of his students through her first ever show series in 2014 and they took home ribbons every single show in some very big classes in the 2'3" and 2'6" hunters and on the flat and they won the "Won to Watch" award at the year end VIApHC banquet. He really is a solid campaigner and I'm blessed to have him.  




16 yr old 15.1 TB/Appy.  Lady was primarily a barrel racer and gymkhana horse before she came to Follyfoot.  Like so many of the horses free leased here, Lady ended up being bought by a member of Follyfoot....this time, it was me.  Lady is now a full fledged "english" horse! She was introduced to the xctry course and has now competed in a few Horse Trials BC events.  Lady is currently competing and schooling the lower levels of dressage, 2'9"/3' and is excellent on the trails. She is a sensitive mare with a big heart and requires an experienced tactful rider.  

*As of September 2014, Lady went back home to her previous owner. I thoroughly enjoyed my five years with her. She certainly taught me a ton. I wish her and Makayla all the best.




Willie is a 9yr old 16.2 Tb gelding. For the first 5 years of his life Willie knew only one thing: racing. He was retired at the age of 5  and was placed with the New Stride Thoroughbred Adoption Society. In March of 2012 he was lucky enough to be adopted by my student, Sarah as her next eventing prospect. He has come leaps and bounds in the first eight months and now enjoys jumping, dressage, going out on the trails and hitting the X-country course and beaches. Willie is a horse with a big stride and immense athletic presence. He is currently competing at pre training eventing and regularly schooling 1st and 2nd level dressage. While jumping was completely new to Willie he is now successfully showing at 3', schooling 3'3" and showing tremendous scope to go higher. Willie is a typical sensitive TB in many ways but with a tactful, confident and experienced rider the sky is the limit.

*Willie is now available for a 2 day/week lease. Please contact me for his owner's contact info.

Mr. Oats

12 years old and 14.1hh, Mr. Oats is a friendly, outgoing large pony with a trot to die for. He enjoys jumping and was Reserve Novice Horse over Fences for the VIApHC this year. Oats and his owner (my student, Sarah...another Sarah!) are learning dressage together and his flashy movement and steady gaits are sure to find him successful in that discipline as well. He also loves trail riding and is very road safe. Overall, Oats is a very steady and consistent ride and was even being used for beginner riders earlier in the year. But, he can sometimes have that pony sass and thus is most suitable for intermediate riders and up who enjoy a ride that some days has a bit of cheekiness tossed in. His favourite treats are apples, carrots and pears. *Update May 19th. Oats and Sarah entered their first ever dressage show scoring 62.5% and 65.6 % in walk/trot Tests 1 and 2.


Big "D" as he is affectionately called is a lovely 11 year old 17.1hh Hanoverian gelding. Competed to Training level dressage before lameness issues sidelined him, I took him in as a light riding horse and he's proving to be an absolute pleasure to have around. After spending a number of months on pasture rest and a gradual introduction to light work he's had zero problems maintaining his soundness and is an extremely nice horse to ride. Beware of the big movement though and be ready for a thigh and core workout! Donato was introduced to jumping this past spring and has taken to it very well. He's a powerful boy with tons of athleticism.  Donato is currently schooling 1st/2nd level dressage and was jumping 2'3"/2'6" courses but currently only has dressage. He is fantastic on the trails too!



This beautiful in your pocket TB filly is 6 yrs old. When only a year and a half old, Query was part of an SPCA seizure and was in very rough shape. Her foster home gave her a good start for a few months and then I was lucky enough to adopt her.  Query, or Miss Q as she is fondly referred to, took a little longer to develop physically due to her poor start in life but I was able to lightly start her this year. She is both bold and sensitive so I have to have a sticky seat and be "listening" all the time! Our plan is to build on our arena training and do lots of trail riding this year to expose her to many things. Query will eventually be my next eventing horse and I have a feeling she'll be very good at it!



13.1hh MorganxWelsh (we think!) In March of 2008, I was alerted to a pony in serious distress that was in danger of being put down if someone didn't step in.  What I found was a severely laminitic pony with abscessing feet that couldn't walk.  Proper trimming, appropriate diet and light exercise helped Elmo on the road to recovery and he has been sound ever since.  Elmo had a lot of gaps in his training and spent the first few years with us primarily as a entertaining paddock potato and companion. Fast forward to present time and Elmo has been exceeding all expectations as one of my riders started to spend some time with him. Currently in walk/trot lessons with an advanced beginner, and cantering/jumping small courses with an intermediate rider. While Elmo is best suited to an intermediate smaller stature rider, he is fairly stocky so takes up a longer leg fairly well.  Elmo was a superstar in his showing debut this year! Lease rates are reduced for this special pony as the right match is most important. $45 for one day and $100 for two days.




(With great sadness, Mae was laid to rest Dec 6, 2010. I wanted to leave her up as she was such a beloved part of our farm.)

37 yr old 14.1 Arabian mare.  Mae was facing euthanasia as her owners were moving and hadn't had any luck in finding her a new home.  Arriving seriously underweight with undiagnosed Cushings disease and teeth that couldn't chew, she was my toughest case to date.  However, the spirit this mare had served as inspiration to many who had been touched by her presence here and I persevered in trying to find the right combination of diet, turnout, supplements/medication and skin/coat/teeth care.  Thankfully, her health, weight and attitude improved greatly and she thought she was the cat's meow!!  So much so that she won a contest for her very own private photo shoot with Greg Howard Photography.  Mae loved to get out and about and despite her age, she was a real pace setter on the trails and that same pep required a rider with both ability and confidence in the ring.  Her last year with us, Mae was a pasture pet and Follyfoot's matriarch.

There are only two emotions that belong on the saddle. One is patience and the other is a sense of humour ~ John Lyons