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Safety approved riding helmets and shoes with a flat sole and low heel are mandatory. Please, for your sake, no rubber riding boots! Horse Council is highly recommended for any person who is around horses and for a nominal annual cost it is well worth it. For anyone leasing a horse or planning on taking the horses off the property either for trail rides or shows, Horse Council is a must. Please refer to  for more information.

REGULAR LESSON RATES (taxes included)

School Horse Lessons:

Single drop-in lesson $55
4 lessons/month prepaid $190.00
8 lessons/month prepaid $370.00

Please note:  Riding horses involves an understanding of, and respect for, horse behaviour and how to be around them on the ground.  This is for everyone's safety and enjoyment.  Lesson time includes instruction in horse handling and riding with an emphasis placed where needed and adjusted as students progress.  Therefore, someone who requires assistance catching, grooming and tacking up will be in private lessons to start and will ride for approximately 30 mins. as approximately 30mins. is spent on the ground.  The first lesson is spent completely on the ground.  That first lesson and the next couple often go over the hour that I allow for complete beginners as there is a lot to cover but the same rate applies. Someone who is experienced and comfortable with grooming and tacking up will ride for 40-45 mins if it is a private or 1 hr. if it is a semi-private.  The majority of lessons are semi-privates so that students can get plenty of individual attention and instruction but I will occasionally place three advanced compatible riders in a group.       

Travelling coaching rates:

Metchosin/Langford/Saanich:  $30 semi-private or $40 for a 45min. private including taxes.
Sooke/Saanichton can be arranged if there is a minimum of 2 riders or I can combine it with other errands.  The same rates would apply.  

If a prepaid lesson is missed a make-up lesson will be made available. Prepaid monthly lessons must be used up within the following calendar month in order for schedules to run smoothly. 


For those who are taking lessons here and are experienced enough, leasing a horse either for a "practice day" in the ring or for trail riding is also an option.
Riders who wish to lease will need to have a very solid and safe position in all three gaits of walk/trot/canter. This is
to assure their safety and the comfort of the Follyfoot horses. Leasing is a month to month arrangement not a pay/ride option and involves a rider paying a portion of the costs associated with owning a horse in exchange for riding it. This is an inclusive rate so you don't have to worry about paying a share of vet/farrier bills as they arise. Please keep in mind that the costs of horse ownership do not change if you are sick or it's raining  Rescheduling a ride will be done if at all possible but there is NO guarantee.

4 days/month $95
8 days/month $180

Lease/Lesson Packages:

1 lessons/1 lease day/week $275/month
2 lessons/1 lease days/week $450/month
1 lessons/2 lease days/week $360/month

Depending on your needs and interests we can also customize a package for you. There is also the potential of having your costs reduced by cleaning paddocks and/or doing a weekly feed.

Lesson and lease fees are due at the beginning of the month. One month's notice required to cease prepaid lesson or lease arrangements.

Riding is a complicated joy. You learn something each time. It is never quite the same, and you never know it all.~ Monica Dickens